Cultural Travel is usually thought of to describe tours visiting museums, monuments and buildings of historical interest. But it can also refer to meeting people from various walks of life and being exposed to new and different traditions. By immersing ourselves in different cultures, we come away with a much better view of not just them, but also of ourselves.

Cultural travel leaves us with much more than a typical vacation. We gain a deeper knowledge of the world. We get to experience life outside our familiar comfort zone. It can be a life-changing experience

Local Living Amazon Jungle

Did you know you can live like a local in the amazon Rainforest?  Learn Quichua traditions by interacting and staying with local Quichua family who will host you in their own home.  Discover waterfalls on jungle walks,  learn about medicinal plants and how to use a blowgun, experience a shaman ceremony and visit a local school. Most importantly, befriend  people very few outsiders have the honor to even meet.

Highlights of Turkey

turkeyOver the centuries Turkey has provided a geographical and cultural bridge between Asia and Europe.  It is a fascinating place to discover, with ruins and monuments attesting to the rise and fall of many great empires.  Explore ancient historic cities, discover Roman ruins and amazing natural scenery.  Turkey’s stunning scenery and fascinating history should be on everyone’s bucket list.


Historic Paris

Paris is perfect for all  travelers.   Fill  your days with a visit to the  Louve Museum  and view the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo.  Stroll by the Seine, window-shop in the Faubourg St-Honoré or just enjoy a pleasant hour or two watching the passers-by from a Parisian café. And don’t forget a tour of Paris is never complete without a stop at the Eiffel Tower.