Travel at your own perfect pace to take in the world around you on your own bike.  Take the opportunity to visit areas that tourists never go.  From a leisurely pedal through lavender fields in Southern France to a cycle safari in Tanzania, there are so many cycling holidays to choose from and one that is just right for you. Let us inspire you to explore the world on two wheels.

Loire Valley Cycling

loire valleyCycle from one amazing chateau to the next in the Loire Valley and experience rustic markets, vineyards and rural Gallic charm.  This tour is the perfect combination of food, fine wines and remote country tracks – ideal for seeing the inspiring scenery the Loire Valley offers.

Burma by Bike


You may not associate Burma with cycling, but taking a two wheeled trek through ancient cities and beautiful gardens gives you a completely different experience. Bike around the villages and gardens of Inie lake, visit the ancient cities of Ava and Amarapura, cycle around the incredible stupas in Bagan. In the words of Kipling ‘this is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about’.

Cycle Cuba

image006Leave the resorts of Varadero behind and discover the real Cuba on a bicycle.  Cycle the hills of the Guaniguanico and El Rosario mountain ranges and marvel at the scenic countryside that will take your breath away. With its lush scenery, vibrant culture, and incredible beaches, this country is best explored by a cycling adventure. Cultural Travel is usually thought of as visiting museums, monuments and buildings of historical interest.  It can also refer to meeting people from various walks of life and being exposed to new and different traditions. By immersing ourselves in different cultures, we come away with a much better view of not just them, but also ourselves.