Is seeing wildlife on your bucket list?  Wildlife tourism is one of the fastest growing trends in travel with many people basing their travel decisions around which animals they may want to encounter.  Seeing wildlife can heighten a sense of awareness that comes with immersing yourself in the natural world.

Rwanda and Uganda Gorilla & Chimp Adventure

gorilla-280x150Get up close and personal with mountain gorillas in their backyard.  Look into the eyes of a large silverback gorilla and he’ll look back with a thinking, intelligent gaze, mindful that you’re another individual.  Any apprehensions or nerves you might have had during your trek will melt away the minute you see your gorilla family.  Gorilla trekking safaris offer magical encounters that transcends any other ‘wildlife’ experience.

Kruger Safari

Lions Family PortraitOne of the most recognized tours and promising opportunity to encounter exotic wildlife is in Kruger National Park with over 500 species of birds and more mammals than anywhere else in Africa.   Kruger is one of the world’s great safari destinations with game walks and  open vehicle drives which make this a great trip for any traveler.


Polar Bear Safari

image011From polar flora to immense glaciers, the natural landscape of Spitsbergen offers polar bear viewing to be almost guaranteed. There is no shortage of opportunities to photograph the Arctic in its natural beauty .  Each day you’ll  discover something new and exciting.